Green Tea and Health By Nicolas Powell

Green Tea and Health, Antioxidant Properties, Consumption and Role in Disease Prevention Pdf Book Free Download                    Year: 2015| File Size: 3.2 MB | File Type: Pdf | Pages: 187 | Category: Health    Green tea and health subtitle antioxidant properties, consumption and role in disease prevention is a beautiful health relatedpdf book authorized by Nicolas Powell. In beverages, Green tea is becoming popular in many parts of the world due to its wide range of benefits including medical benefits. The chemistry of green tea includes polyphenolic compounds, mainly catechins, it is well known for antioxidant activities. Catechins is helpful in lowering heart diseases and cancer. Green tea and health reveal the helpful effects of green tea, how it prevents infections, brain damage, control diabetes mellitus and can be used for the treatment of obesity.

Thinking, Fast and Slow By Daniel Kahneman

Thinking, Fast and Slow By Daniel Kahneman Pdf Book Free Download Year: 2013 |File Size: 4.4 MB | File Type: Pdf | Pages: 533 | Category: Education                                                                       Report This Content Thinking, fast and slow is a famous educational pdf book written by author Daniel Kahneman. He is a Nobel Prize winner in Economic Sciences. In Thinking, Fast and Slow, author reveals the way of mind thinking in two systems first one is fast and emotional; second one is slow logical, also describes in detail the faults of fast thinking and benefits of slow thinking. Thinking, Fast and Slow will change the way you think about thinking.

Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology

Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology 10th Edition Pdf Book Free Download Year: 2014|File Size: 69 MB | File Type: Pdf | Pages: 656 | Category: Physiology                                                                                                 Report This Content Essentials of human anatomy & physiology 10th edition is a beautiful Anatomy & Physiology medical science related pdf book authorized by Elaine N. Marieb. An essential of human anatomy & physiology is regarded as a pure medical science text book of short-course A&P texts. This is beautifully written for medical science students with clear pictorial presentation and enlisted objectives of each chapter. It beautifully explains the human anatomy and physiology key terms and concepts. This is updated 10th Edition of Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology with the latest information on recent top issues like the HPV Vaccine, Infantile Polycystic Kidney disease, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome etc.

Change Your Brain, Change Your Body

Change Your Brain, Change Your Body Year: 2010|File Size: 1.9 MB | File Type: Pdf | Pages: 349 | Category: Health                                                                                                          Report This Content   Change your brain, change your body subtitle use your brain to get and keep the body you have always wanted is a famous medical, health, fitness and psychology related pdf book authored by Dr. Amen. In human body parts brain is a key part and controls the functioning of other parts. This book is written by medical experts with the aim to highlight the best fifteen ways how to care the brain, including good nutritive food, supplements etc.

Yogabody, Anatomy, Kinesiology, and Asana

Yogabody, Anatomy, Kinesiology, and Asana Pdf Book Free Download                                        ISBN: 1930485212, 1930485239 | 2009 | PDF | 225 pages | 13 MB                                                                                                              Report This Content                                              Yogabody, anatomy, kinesiology, and asana is an interesting anatomy, health, fitness pdf book authorized by Judith Hanson Lasater. She has forty years of experience as a yoga teacher and physical therapist. She is also the founder of Yoga Journal. yoga is a specific type of exercise which utilizes body movement. Here the author added the microanatomy and kinesiology in relationship to asana. Lt has fantastic and wonderful potential really helpful for the student of Yoga as it is easy to understand and…

Tib e Nabvi

Tib e Nabvi By Al Imam Shams Uddin Mohammad Bin Abi Bakkar Ibn Qayyin Al Jawziyya Pdf Book Free Download File Size:9.5MB | File Type: PDF | Pages: 499 | Category: Medical, Islam Tib e Nabvi The Medical of Prophet Mohammad S.A.W is an Urdu must read Islamic pdf book authorized by Al Imam Shams Uddin Mohammad Bin Abi Bakkar Ibn Qayyin Al Jawziyya, Urdu translated by Hakeem Aziz Ur Rahman Azmi. As the name of book indicate it is The Medical of Prophet Mohammad S.A.W, He is superior from all peoples, having huge wisdom and other skills by GOD. This book is collections of different disease remedies, cautions that protect from diseases, and cures of spiritual diseases as recommended by Prophet Mohammad S.A.W. These things are compiled 1300 years ago, and today medical science is also proving these cures right. Related Posts: Qasas Ul Anbiya By Imam Ibn E Kaseer, A Concise Hajj Guide, Falsafa-e-Hajj Wa Qurbani, Namaze Nabwi I hope the information presented in Tib e Nabvi The Medical of Prophet Mohammad S.A.W will motivate and help you to improve your knowledge and attain success in life. If you find this Pdf book helpful, which I hope you do, please feel free to share this Pdf book with yours Urdu books loving, friends, family members…

Clean, The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself

Clean, The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself   Year: 2012|File Size: 0.5 MB | File Type: Pdf | Pages: 304 | Category: Health                                                                                Report This Content   Clean subtitle the revolutionary program to restore the body’s natural ability to heal itself is a famous health related pdf book authorized by Alejandro Junger. He is a well-known cardiologist and has vast experience in the field of integrative medicine. In clean author highlight some common diseases that every body suffer at any stage of life, according to the author people take different tablets and injections as a remedy, but don’t focus on the root cause, author introduces a medicine by the name of Clean, which has an amazing detoxification system, actually these symptoms of diseases appear due to toxicity which builds up slowly during the course of life, and it is the real root cause of these diseases. After detoxification of these toxins using the clean program, the disease symptoms automatically disappear and…

The Queen of Fats by Susan Allport

The Queen of Fats by Susan Allport Free eBook Year: 2006|File Size: 1.6 MB | File Type: Pdf | Pages: 164 | Category: Cooking The queen of fats subtitle why omega-3s were removed from the western diet and what we can do to replace them is a famous cooking health related pdf book authorized by Susan Allport. Now a day’s every one love to eat food which has all the nutrients essential for good health. Omega-3s is a type of fatty acids which is found in greens, fish, and other foods. Its absence causes metabolic disorders, heart disease, cancer, and arthritis etc. Author worries start when she knows omega-3s were removed from the western diet and presence of imbalance fats in our foods imposed by the food industry. She provides the ways how to add omega-3s to our diet.

The Whole-Brain Child

The Whole-Brain Child 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind Pdf Book Free Download Year: 2012|File Size: 29 MB | File Type: Pdf | Pages: 141 | Category: Health                                                                           Report This Content The whole-brain child subtitle 12 revolutionary strategies to nurture your child’s developing mind is a beautiful medical health related pdf book authorized by neuropsychiatrist Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson. The importance of the brain in one’s action is a known fact. Child’s are assets for parents. If you know the science behind child’s brain development, you surely Try to use it for your child’s vital growth. Here the author presents the twelve key strategies for brain development. Like lowering of tensions and emotions by behaving the left brain using words and reasoning, engage your child in thinking and listening instead of reacting, use of physical activities to control emotions. It is really helpful in the development of intellectual healthy emotions so that your child can lead balanced meaningful life. The whole-brain child popularity…

The Mind-Gut Connection

The Mind-Gut Connection Pdf Book Free Download Year: 2016|File Size: 1.7 MB | File Type: Pdf | Pages: 180 | Category: Medical                                                                                Report This Content The mind-gut connection subtitle how the hidden conversation within our bodies impacts our mood, our choices and our overall health is a beautiful medical health related pdf book authorized by Dr. Emeran Mayer. He is a director of the UCLA Center for Neurobiology of Stress. As the name shows it is a pure neuroscience book narrating an innovative biological link between the gut and the functioning of the brain? As there are certain proofs of this relation from ancient Chinese and Western medicines. From good health prospective, to keep a fine functioning of the gut and the brain, there is a need to focus on a plant-based diet. The other benefits claimed by the author are a rise in immunity and prevent the onset of neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. The better mind-gut connection also helps in reduction of…