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A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript

A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript Free eBook Year: 2013|File Size: 1.8 MB | File Type: Pdf | Pages: 288 | Category: Computer                                                                   Report This Content A smarter way to learn JavaScript subtitle The new approach that uses technology to cut your effort in half, I found JavaScript books so frustrating, I decided to write my own is a bestselling computer language JavaScript learning educational pdf book authored by Mark Myers. Apart from other scientific books, this is written with the main aim of facilitating the reader. The author make small chapters and added examples, 1,750 exercises, for easy understanding of readers. 

Cracking the Coding Interview 5th Edition

Cracking the Coding Interview, 150 Programming Questions and Solutions, 5th Edition   Year: 2015|File Size: 1.9MB | File Type: Pdf | Pages: 510 | Category: Computer                                                                   Report This Content   Cracking the coding interview subtitle 150 programming questions and solutions, 5th edition is a bestselling educational, computer pdf book authored by Gayle Laakmann McDowell. This is a helping material, for programming and software developer jobs interviews. The author added more than 150 programming job interviews question answers. These interviews are really helpful for job seekers, to prepare up to the standards. It has a special section for each important segment like an interview process, before the start of the interview, special situations during interview, behavior and handling the technical questions. It is its 5th revised edition having a lot of improvements; its best part is 150 programming interview question answers as such are presented to help the job seekers.

Introduction to Software Engineering, 2nd Edition

Introduction to Software Engineering, 2nd Edition Year: 2016|File Size: 8 MB | File Type: Pdf | Pages: 420 | Category: Computer                                                                                 Report This Content Introduction to software engineering, 2nd edition subtitle practical guidance on the efficient development of high-quality software is beautiful latest computer software related pdf book authorized by Ronald J. Leach. Keeping in view the recent advances in technology and increasing trend of software engineering, now students are interested in adopting software engineering as a career. Introduction to software engineering is really helpful for students to know about software development techniques, the requirements, design, and coding of software. It beautifully describes the whole process of software development and maintenance. It is not only helpful for students but also for all other professionals and software development related persons.

Heartificial Intelligence By John Havens

Heartificial Intelligence, Embracing Our Humanity to Maximize Machines Year: 2016|File Size: 2.9 MB | File Type: Pdf | Pages: 222 | Category: Computer                                                                         Report This Content  Heartificial intelligence subtitle embracing our humanity to maximize machines is a beautiful computer technology related pdf book authorized by John Havens. Peoples are working over Algorithms and robots since a long time but now emerging technology is the use of Artificial Intelligence. It will change lifestyle and increase potential in work. The drawbacks of human technology discussed are the sacrifice of humanity for productivity versus purpose and for-profits versus people.

Excel 2010 Advanced By Stephen Moffat

Excel 2010 Advanced Free Pdf Book By Stephen Moffat, The Mouse Training Company      Year: 2010| File Size:16 MB | File Type: Pdf | Pages: 256 | Category: Computer Excel 2010 Advanced is a free computer pdf book written by Stephen Moffat. In the present era of computer, Microsoft Excel has its own worth, we are used to its previous versions MS Excel, 2003 and 2007, this is its latest version having so many unique functions, that are very helpful and not only reduces the time on Excel work but also make it more good looking by its recent features about charts, tables, diagrams and etc. Related Posts: Java, The Complete Reference, 9th Edition, How I Hit Page #1 of Google In 27 days!, Sams Teach Yourself HTML, CSS & JavaScript Web Publishing Excel 2010 Advanced free eBook is very helpful for using all the functions of this new Excel 2010. Best thing about this book is it is written like other books, having a table of contents that is very helpful for the reader to study the required section easily. After reading it I think it should be necessary for every student and in every office. This is good for those who want to use Excel 2010 at home and office without any tutor….

The Phoenix Project

The Phoenix Project Pdf Computer Book Free Download Year: 2013|File Size: 1.5 MB | File Type: Pdf | Pages: 272 | Category: Computer   The Phoenix project subtitle a novel about it, developers, and helping your business win is a famous management, computers and technology related pdf book authored by Gene Kim, George Spafford and Kevin Behr. Phoenix Project is an inspirational and informative IT code named Phoenix latest computer project; people can use it for their own IT organizations.

Create Your Own Website In 30 Minutes And Succeed In Google

Create Your Own Website In 30 Minutes And Succeed In Google By John Walker Free Download Pdf Book                File Size: 2.9 MB | File Type: Pdf | Pages: 51 | Category: Web Designing  Each student or persons having little bit knowledge of IT, love to make its own website. There are so many eBooks and tutorials on the net that helps to make an own website, but they demand so many money because they are paid sources. And they don’t help much the new ones who are interested in making their own site. In this regard John Walker’s Create Your Own Website In 30 Minutes And Succeed In Google, is a good IT related pdf book, that is really so much helpful for new users who are interested in making their own website free. The best thing of this “Create Your Own Website In 30 Minutes And Succeed In Google” book is, to make your own website, pdf book is that after this you don’t need any sort of expertise, like coding, designing etc. Overall this is a good book covering all the basic topics of a site like who to make a word press site step by step, than its…

Business Analytics for Decision Making

Business Analytics for Decision Making Free eBook Year: 2016|File Size: 5.7 MB | File Type: Pdf | Pages: 326 | Category: Computer                      Report This Content               Business analytics for decision making is a beautiful educational computer, business related pdf book authored by Hoong Chuin Lau and Steven Orla Kimbrough. Introductory business analytics courses are taught to undergraduate or MBA students. Actually, it is a science in which different models and data are used to make a decision, including encoding, solution design, and post-solution analysis. The author also makes it more attractive by adding case studies and examples from real-world life.

Amazon Web Services in Action

Amazon Web Services in Action Pdf Book Free Download Year:2015|File Size: 14.3MB | File Type: Pdf | Pages: 426 | Category: Computer                                                                     Report This Content   Amazon web services in action is a bestselling computer, web designing pdf book authored by Andreas Wittig and Michael Wittig. These are well-known software engineers and have special experience in AWS and web development. It has complete information about the overview of cloud concepts, making a data center using AWS cloud networking and detailed instructions about the use of AWS API.

WordPress for Small Business

WordPress for Small Business Pdf book Free Download Year: 20015 |File Size: 2.5 MB | File Type: Pdf | Pages: 112 | Category: Web Designing                                                                Report This Content   WordPress for small business subtitle easy strategies to build a dynamic website with WordPress is a beautiful computer, internet and web designing related pdf book authored by Scott Wilson. Now a day for the success of any business website is necessary. WordPress is a famous publishing platform widely used by webmasters and web designers. The author tries his best to explain WordPress web designing with easy to understand step by step instructions and colored screenshots. It is really helpful for small businessmen to develop a web site for the success of their business.